On October 29,2015 I went into the store with my friend. Everything was okay until I exited the store. Right in front of their propane tanks the sidewalk was uneven. I never notice it. My shoe hit the uneven part causing me to trip and when I tried to catch myself I did not realize the cement that was lifted broke my $80.00 sandals which were in excellent condition. When I tried to catch myself the broken sandal tripped me again. I asked my husband to help me into the car because I had to pick my kids up from school and I knew I was hurt but did not think I had hurt myself that bad. That night I had extreme pain in my side and back I thought maybe I pulled a muscle and thought well tomorrow if I feel bad I will go to the doctor.

Well come Sunday I could not take it anymore so I went to the hospital and lo and behold I had a sprained back, swollen ankle, and contusion on my rib cage. No one has returned my call or even made contact with since I gave them documentation from the hospital. I liked this store but they don't care at all about safety as it seems it is all about collecting your money.

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