Outraged and feel defraded and violated and obviously comoletely misjudged when your employees pupisesly unlocked and opened the restriom door on me as my pants wers halfway down and i was actually returning a text message as i had just got an wmergency call feom home that the caretaker of my 43 year old husband who is terminally ill with als, had to leave immediately and i was 41 miles away from home and she left my husband alone. When I got to the store I had gotten the call and I had to go back to work I have Moises so much work because of his terminal illness. Medicaid doesn't cover home health and we also have two boys ages 9 and 12 and he gets 750 a month in social security so it's not uncommon for me to be frazzled and tired fromack of sleep. My husband is 95% par realized and I work full time and rely on FREINDs and loved ones to be there for me so I can work. However. When I walked into the store I had been in the parking lot for a bit trying to handle my emergency Chris's and first asked to use the restroom. I work in retail I have an excellent job making almost $15 hour in merchandising with benefits. I've worked for the sme company for over four years. So I felt unconfortable about asking to use the restroom the minute I walked in because I had been in te parkinglot for 30 or so minutes. I had been trying to handle my crisis at home and find someone to take care of my husband the rest of the day and stressed over loosing my job and very tired as I don't get much sleep. So I said can I use your restroom im sorry I've been waiting forever to come in meaning I have been held up so long but I intend to buy things, because I did go there for lunch and a pack pig cigarettes. A few minutes later while my pants were Hal down in the middle of returning a text MESG as it was an emergency, one of the store employees unlocked the door and opened it. Im not a fool I know very good and well I had been misjudged and therefore mistreated however if returning a text reguarding an emergency concerning my terminally ill husband was a crime instead of an emergency then General Dollar Store wod stand behind your employee intentionally opening a bathroom doo that opens where customers im the store could clearly see me half naked and exposed then I would like that from dollar general store in writing because even though that's all your overzealous employees causght me with was my iPhone as they exposed me to the general public and no one even apologized after I grabed my lunch and bought my cigarettes and paid for my purchases. And now I ma late to work and putting my job in jeopardy because I have been terribly humiliated and treated so badly that I demand answers and an apology and the two female associates in the store to be immediately fired and I want justice because no one deserves to be exposed to the public in such a humiliating way as if I don't have enough pain and suffering in my life. I demand a calm back before the end of the day with a reason why dollar general store wod tolerate this behavior or an apology and the associates appropriately punished for their treatment of me, a customer who shops for almost everything in dollar general storeds. I am outraged that they did not even apologize. And I demand to know why they thaught their actions and treatment of me was ok. And justified. 972-251-3077
This HAPPEND at the dollar general store in Titusville on SR. 50 the number above the door was 1555
I want answers!!! Or im calling every news station in te state of Florida so they can earn potential Dollar General customers that their employees might expose. Then half baked to the customers with no warning for no reason and no apology.

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