President dollar general sir i went to dollar general customerfor over 20 years 4444 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota Fl. Store M gr. Tammy At 4;15 P.M. Nov. 8 2015 I purchased two butters @ 250 ea. 1 Palmolive soap for 1.00 had 25 cent coupon. Bought 2 solid Renuzit @ 90 cents ea. 1pepsodent toothpaste @ 1.00 Glade cleaan linen @ 1. Oo Please add this up. I paid 12.56 cents total. Went back to store Tammy sitting on sidewalk having a smoke. I tols her of mistake on my bill wshe threatened me with calling the Police and have me escorted out of store. Please add all this up and see if I'm wrong. I add up to 9.80 plus tax. If I'm wrong I apologise. If I'm right what action are you going to take? Pleasr reply to my E mail 4;50pm plese call i am 81 yrs old and i dont need this she is going to call the police on me

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