I rented a Chevy Traverse [Unit: 215858], rental agreement # from the Thrifty Rental location at 8014 E Sprague in Spokane Valley, WA for a business trip. The rental started with the location not having the vehicle I reserved. However, they offered to immediately upgrade me into this Traverse that had just come back and was clean. On initial walk around I did observe scratches to the lower bumper and along the door panel and the rental agent noted those. Otherwise the vehicle appeared in good shape. I took the rental and hit the road.

About 20 minutes later when I hit a point on the freeway that the sun was directly ahead of me, I immediately noticed a small chip in the windshield all the way to the far driver's side and out of plain sight. I immediately called the dealership to notify them. The agent told me if I returned, he had another vehicle he could put me in. But since I was 20 miles West of Spokane at this point and already running late, he simply offered to document it for me, assuring me that there would be no problem at check in.

Upon returning the car after having it for a week, the chip had not spread at all. But I made sure to point it out to the lot porter that checked it in and the agent I returned it to inside. Both of these employees apologized and said there was no problem. The employee that checked me in was. Two days later I received a call from the manager telling me he had a big problem with the Traverse. He explained that the little rock chip that hadn't spread in the week that I had it, had overnight spread and cracked across the entire windshield and someone was going to have to pay for that. I explained to the conversations I had with his staff just after checking it out, when I discovered it and also at check-in. He immediately became more irate and unprofessional. Then he already was stating there was no way possible for them to check it out that way.

I decided to discontinue my conversation at that point with him because of his unprofessional demeanor and told him I would contact Chris the Regional for those locations, whom I have worked with for sometime because this is a corporate account that you have; had. Three calls and an email to Chris remained unreturned. Then three days later Tyler from PurCo called me saying he was following up on the claim that had submitted to him and he needed to figure out how we planned to pay for the damage. After having a good but short conversation with Tyler, he agreed in his own words that he did not blame me, and if it was him he wouldn't pay for that damage either. So he was going to reach out to Chris which he stated he knew well and he would follow up with me if there was anything further or they weren't able to simply resolve this matter.

Three months elapsed with no contact and during that period as I had told and also communicated on Chris' voicemail, if I didn't get a response back about being out of line and grossly unprofessional I would take our rental contract elsewhere, which I have now done for all 5 of our branches. And also communicated my experience to our Corporate Account Manager. On the heels of that, I then get a letter from PurCo invoicing me for the damage and loss of use. I immediately called Tyler and left him a message.

We finally connected on 10/27/15 at 3:34 pm and I reminded Tyler of the conversation we had. He stated he had since then talked to Chris and there was no way the vehicle went out that way and it must have been damaged during my rental. I asked him what happened since the last time we talked because he had agreed I was not at fault when we spoke in July. He had no answer and just deferred the question. He stated I was going to have to turn this in to my insurance, as had also said in July. And I informed him that my insurance agent had informed me in July when I reached out to them thinking that Thrifty would attempt to submit the claim directly, that if I attested that the damage was done while it was in my possession and that was not true, that it would be considered insurance fraud.

Tyler said this simply wasn't true and that all I had to do was admit it happened while I had it. But not while I was operating the vehicle and that would not be fraud. I told him I refused to lie in a statement to my insurance company and that I would be seeking legal advice from our counsel before speaking to him further. He told me to give them his number and hung up. I will never do business with Thrifty again and will warn every person I come into contact with both personally and professionally.

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