They don't deserve a rating!!! We were victims from our Arizona trip this past Oct 2015. We booked our flight, hotel and rental car through Travelocity and my husband showed the itinerary at the airport when we landed. Thrifty Car Rental. The only thing my husband wanted was the pre-gas and declined all the other offers and was told that he had to sign and initial to decline. We got home after our vacation and the following day my husband saw that his card was charged again for the rental car. He called Travelocity to confirm that the rental card was paid for at the time we booked and the agent from Travelocity contacted thrifty, but told them that my husband signed another contract.

Well these people are providing false information to customers to get them to sign other contracts – and to me that is deceitful and false information to embezzle more money and they should be made to refund customers and charged for every misconduct that has taken place. People do not have extra money to give when you have already paid for services. They basically lie. Please if anyone gets any information on how to obtain your refund please let me know. I am also going to file a complaint to CFBP… This is ridiculous.

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