So I ordered Domino's online & I put the wrong address by accident. She had my number to call me & let me know that she received the wrong address but she didn't. She took the food all the back. I understand I put the wrong address so I wasn't mad. I was willing to wait for it again. It started to become super late so I called back Domino's & asked them, "Can I have my money back?" He told me no & then said so, "So don't want your food?" I told him no again & said, "I just want my money back".

He started getting mad & said, "Okay well, it's gonna take 3-5 business days to get back on your card." So I asked him for his name he said his name was Ray & then I asked him for his last name & he got really mad & said, "What do you need that for?" I said I need his name so I can call back if I don't get my money back within 3-5 days & so I could speak to a manager & let them know who I talked to… He then said, "Well you don't need that & hung up in my ear… This is by far the worst service I've ever had. I won't be ordering from there anymore & I will tell everyone I know to not order from here as well.

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