The Worst Pizza i got, I have thrown out the combo chicken pizza & left two pieces to return them back to tell them how worst they are. I ordered chicken wings, I had never seen chicken wings in a boiled state. I don't know that may be special in Domino's. They send boiled pieces if I order chicken wings, they seem to be like raw flesh taken out of water. The second time they came to replace the chicken wings, They are also in the same state. I said the delivery boy to take them back and they can eat it, at least they can enjoy eating their company's chicken wings.

The delivery boy took them and went off so finally I got no chicken wings nor a refund and not even a customer care executive from that branch called me. I wasted 1K in buying from Domino's. And i forgot to say Domino's Coca-Cola very expensive. They charge 60 INR for a 600 ml coke. The same which we get for 30 INR outside.

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