I have ordered 3 (three) deliverables for Mothers day and 1st one delivered in the late afternoon on the same day (asked for mid day) and the 2 (second) delivery delivered around 8.30pm (night) on the same day. However my 3rd (third) delivery came after 2 days of Mother’s day, around 3.00pm.
I have tried Kapruka Colombo phone number and they answered only for my first 2 attempts of my calls, however after they recognizing (I believe) my number they didn't picked up the call and put me on hold in each time. I have called them 24 time (from overseas) on their given hot line, +9471555111. Then contacted Kapruka Liberty Plaza branch contact, same story made around 10 times and answer the call and told me that they will come back to me on deliverables, however never did. I am totally disappointed of their behavior. I was totally confused as there are no other means of contacting them to check where the deliverable are.
I have emailed all of Kapruka email numbers on the same day, however no answers until the I am writing this email (that is after 2 days of the event).

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