If you are ever in the market to buy a home i suggest you "never buy a dr horton home". If you don't believe me I have water damage to my house due to poorly constructed flashing on the patio roof (see pics). This is costing me $6200 and all they have paid is $500 for gutters and requested me to sign release documents.

When my contractor broke stucco to determine extent of damage they only offered an additional $500. The damage includes headers, joints, rotted wood, rotted studs. All due to improper flashing install. Nobody from DR Horton ever visited my home to perform their own inspection.in contrast a friend with a KB Home with the "exact" problem and KB Homes immediately performed full repairs. I've had 3 other homeowners in the community tell me they have the same "exact" problem and advised me they know several more homeowners enduring the same issue. Possibly over 10 or more in my community alone.

There is a reason they are the self-proclaimed "America's #1 Builder" – They build cheap and quick. Mass production with poor quality and no craftsmanship. They move from one plot of land to the next as quickly as possible and hope the defects are discovered too late by the homeowner. They are "America's #1 WORSE BUILDER" and should be investigated.

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