I'm very disapointed with the service I got on the 12th September at muelmed hospital, I'm pregnant and seens the Sunday the 11 of September I had pains and Monday was rushed to the hospital and was at casualty and later sent to see my gyne to check if the baby is fine and the gynecologist scanned n said the baby is fine and I'm acting up with all the story of saying I'm in pains and he told me to go home and sleep seens the pains I'm feeling are normal an he dont see the reason to admit me and still i couldn't sleep because of pains and in the morning I went to see my Gp seeking help and my doctor run tests to see what could be the problem and results was I have kidney and bladder infection which is why I have been in such pains, then I later called my gyne to let him know I ended up seeing my GP and he shouted yelled at me over the phone he even told me my GP is lying an he wants the proof that shows the infection and he was very rude to me. It's very painful when you are sick and when u go to the hospital and they tell you about faking yet they don't tests to see where the problem could be. I'm very much disapointed

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