I purchased a faux leather jacket online and had it delivered to the store for pick up. When I checked out online I had an option to use a credit card or PayPal. I used PayPal and what a mistake. I tried to return the jacket back to the store because it does not lay right when you have it on and I was told that because I used PayPal that I could only get store credit. When I got back home I went on live chat and ask why it was that way and they said PayPal is third party. I stated that they should have that on the web page and I was told they did. They provided me with the web address and I went to that site and could not find anything explaining that if you use PayPal you can only get store credit! On top of that when I ask why on live chat they replied to me like it was all my fault. No apology at all! I will not shop there again!!

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