I wasn't planning on writing a review until I noticed DriveTime telling a reviewer they "offered" an extended warranty. I just got a car the other day and no one at DriveTime ever asked me if I wanted an extended warranty or if I wanted gap coverage or if I wanted to pay for the GPS system that they would use to track my vehicle down with should I default on my loan. No one said a word they just added all these extra services on my bill, told me I just needed to sign my contract electronically and this was also after I had been there for several hours so I was just ready to sign whatever I needed to sign and get out of there. He pulls the contract up on the computer and skims over maybe a sentence on each page if that reading extremely fast where you can't even understand what he's saying except OK click here OK sign here.

I decided to read the contract when I get home and noticed it's completely voluntary. Never in the time I was there did anyone say "would you like our extended coverage we offer?" I should've stopped him with his speed reading and told him "no I'm not clicking until I read the damn thing" but I didn't. But these salesman shouldn't be trying to force something on someone like that either. IDK if they get an extra commission or what for this extended warranty but I know they never asked, they just did it.

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