Let me be clear. The salesman and manager at the Albuquerque did a great job. At the corporate level there is no concern about the customer who has already purchased. When I bought the truck the engine light turn on the next day. I was lucky to get it to turn off just for the emission. I took the truck to the mechanic and DriveTime said it was not covered. Wow sounds like a (lemon). Only a month after purchase.

They gave in to fixing it after I talk to a couple of managers. This problem happened again plus oil leaks. They refuse to pay for repairs and I refuse to pay for a truck with 60,000 miles acting like 250,000-mile truck. I looked at the truck closely and I can see it was used as a fleet vehicle. I can see the outline of a emblem on the door and also it had holes in the floor board where a computer stand was. This is the reason they state they don't sell cars and trucks that were fleet. The miles were altered or dash remove at start and replaced at sell. DriveTime is very unprofessional.

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