I live in West Hollywood Ca. My daughter came to visit from Dallas. She wanted to stop in DSW for a pair of boots because of all the emails we have received from DSW regarding all there clearence. While walking the walk of stars we went into the DSW located in Hollywood Ca. Right of the bat she found a pair of black boots on the clearence rack. After looking around for 30 min she decided on them they had a sticker for 70%off. Wow. Can't beat that, as I looked at the box I noticed there was a sticker on the box that said 30% off she went through the racks and found all the boots like that were the same. 30% sticker on box 70% on boot bottoms. So we just assumed they where marked down again because again they were all the same. Waited in line about 10 min then the girl behind the counted. (Heavier set Hispanic hair pulled up in a clip around 4. Pm) rang them up at 30% off. We explained to her the 70% is on the bottoms off the boots. She acted like we put it there. Took the sticker off in front of everyone in line telling us as if we were scamming her these boots are 30% off. We said can you please check the racks because they are ALL marked that way. Told us loudly and rudely these are not 70% off. By this time my daughter was getting very embarrassed by the treatment and just wanted to leave… We did. I live here. I know there is a lot of scams to be weary off but we were not. Nor do I think in anyway shape or form did we look or act like scammers. That was horrible treatment when some one should have looked the shelves themselves. Or maybe they do that on purpose. I'm not sure but it was a horrible feeling to be treated like a thief. Humiliating and rediculoius

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