I called regarding an issue with two of my appliances which I thought were covered under the but were not. They don't actually tell you that in the original sign up paperwork but it does say it covers "major appliances" so you would think it would be covered.in short, this is just another scam by a big company who claims to be an advocate for the little guy but they aren't.

Here's what they say verbatim -No additional charge for covered labor and parts, No trip charges, service fees or deductibles. That's a huge lie! There is a $75 service call and they only cover a certain amount. If your furnace dies they give you $700 toward a new one – not sure if the deductible is included but lets face it, a new furnace is between $3000-$6000 installed. They basically don't cover what they say and I expect a Class Action Suit will be in the works sometime soon once they piss off enough people. I'm disappointed really and I'm sure they have that reputation changer company taking care of their negative press so they don't lose there silver star status. How do people like that actually live with the fact they know they are misleading people who can barely afford their outrageous charges as it is? I'm disgusted!

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