A company/business (which we don't know because Duke energy wouldn't tell us, neither did we authorize) called Duke Energy and requested service to be turned on at our home. Once this company realize they gave the wrong address, called to have service disconnected at our home! A rep shows up with bolt cutters, cut locks to our gate and tries to enter our property. My husband was at home at the time (I was at work), and tells him "my wife already paid the bill". Of course he goes to his truck and checks his paperwork to be sure he has the right house. According to his paperwork and whatever company/business that called and gave the wrong address (our address), scheduled service for disconnection!

Now because of this mistake, we are required to start service over and make another deposit which we currently don't have! So… Let me get this straight, we have to pay for the mistake Duke Energy made by paying another deposit? Then on top of that the "supervisor" Mike tells us that anybody can call and request service at any address and they cannot deny them? So how is it our fault because a company (who we don't have a clue who they are) makes a mistake by giving the incorrect address? Then once this company realized they've given the wrong address calls to have the service disconnected?

Why didn't Duke Energy check whatever system they use and recognize that service was already on at our address? Why didn't Duke Energy contact either my husband or myself and ask of this "business" was authorized to make any changes to our existing account? What "laws" or "regulations" does Duke Energy have that says it's ok to accidentally give a wrong address and have a existing consumer service disconnected without notifying them? This wasn't our fault.

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