I called to have Duke start service on 10/14/2015. They said there was a fraud alert on my credit rating and the credit department would call me back in 24 hours. There is a fraud alert, I put it there for a very good reason. After 24 hours I called back and they said not to worry there would be no interruption in my service the credit department was working on it and I would get a call if there was a problem. I ask to speak to the credit department and they said it wasn't possible. They were not allowed to just transfer people to the credit department and there was no reason for me to call them back. This was all said in a tone to make it clear if I called back I would be punished for it.

I worried they were doing nothing with my account and my information. But I had no choice but to trust them. 11/5/2015 they showed up to shut off my power. I was requested and showed the employee, my driver’s license, a government-issued ID. He looked at it and said I wasn't listed on the account and completed the shut off. I called them and they said the only ID verification they will allow is from Experian, a UK based company in full control of an American based company that owns nuclear power plants on American soil.

My government HS validated issued state ID was not a valid form of ID. I had 2 hours to correct my information with their government to get my power turned on. I sent 5 faxes from an online fax service that could not go through. I called Duke to ask for other solutions and they made it clear I was lying about the faxes not going through because it was going to Experian and large company with all updated equipment and 100's of fax lines. Duke has their own department in Experian, a UK based company, call this number and you will see the proof of that 800-804-5901. Side note, the UK is in full control of nuclear power plants on American soil.

After about 6 hours of trying to figure things out, I tried the fax service at office depot and Experian fax was able to get that fax. I updated all my info with Experian because the UK government has a right to know everything about me in order for me to be able to live my life. I'm sorry, that really peeves me. But in the mean time every time I would call Duke Energy they made it clear I was supposed to be removing the fraud alert so they could do whatever they wanted with my info. At one point my account was noted that I was not to be transferred to the credit department till I told them I had removed the fraud alert on my credit reporting account with Experian. When all was done, I called and ask to be transferred to the credit department, the girl ask if I had removed the fraud alert. I said in a very upset voice, NO! And I'm not going to. I insisted she transfer me there now.

Here is the really up thing. With the fraud alert in an American company they are suppose to call the number on the account and make sure I answer, they just ask me the number I placed on the account and matched it up and approved a turn on for me after I paid a deposit.in reality all they wanted was the information needed to use my ID and never verified it. I lost 2 days of work, a fridge full of food, the stress was enough to kill someone my age and now the endless nightmares of knowing that I am no longer a free American. Ok so maybe and only maybe the nightmare thing was going a bit, but only rich people in the UK are happy. I am American. I am allowed to be happy living in a cardboard box. Well, you know.

Between the lost food and work and then the stress and having to give them $210.00 for a deposit because they don't trust me and even now at work I am still a bit depressed and distracted. They took away my trust in my ability to protect myself. After all that, they never validated who I was before turning the power on.

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