I recently moved back to St. Pete after living on the other coast. I moved from a 4000 sq. Ft. House with FPL as my electric provider. Over here I have a 1600 sq. Ft. House and my bills are MUCH higher with Duke. I am a single mother of one and a $350 bill a month is ridiculous. $40 of it is municipal fees. My actual bill is only $283.44. How can this be legal? Isn't this considered a monopoly? I have no other company I can go to. They made me put up a $490 deposit just to turn it on. Duke you should be ashamed of yourself. Great you give people extensions to pay these excessive fees. Please, I don't want to hear "we the people" don't understand the expenses the company has to pay. My relatives up North pay less than I do!

Dearest Florida politicians you should also be ashamed. From what I've been reading there's been quite a bit of complaints about this issue! Why aren't you guys getting off your well-bribed, lobbied asses and doing something!!! This is a prime example of why "we the people" don't believe in our elected officials. Apparently people actually protested Duke. Did any of you do anything to help your citizens? Did it ever occur to you that maybe if things like this were kept in check, less people may need governmental assistance like "LIHEAP"? Here's an idea.instead of handing out tiny band-aids for gaping cuts, try taking the knives away from the organizations doing the cutting!

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