Tried to set up service at an address where house numbers had recently been changed. (911 system changed the entire neighborhood. I told them this from the first contact I had, old number was 380, new number is 750 and is on a large green sign at the top of the driveway now. I told them to make sure anyone who comes out to the address was well aware. I gave them the former owner's name that was on the account. Long story short, our house had no power for a week, they couldn't figure it out no matter how many people I spoke with. Told me it was an outage in the neighborhood. Kept sending people to the wrong address. Technician said he was never told about the address change. They finally fixed it, said it was because it was the wrong meter number on our meter.??? Filed a claim for $100 in spoiled food and they denied it… Said customer gave them the wrong house number! Auuughhh. Criminally bad service.

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