I have been playing the Madden series for years (since 2008). And every year I see the signs of "game fixing" and deliberate deception on the part of EA Games to influence gamers to buy in game merchandise or (packs) to improve the chance of competing at the highest level. But the game is designed to level the playing field between opponents and even negates some of the player (in game) attributes to an unfair advantage offsetting any benefit gained through the purchase of (packs). And the packs themself only give you a "chance" at a better player or elite (rare player card). It is well-known that much like FAN DUEL and DRAFT KINGS the Developers at EA play the game as well as those on social media that get access to the best cards first. The whole setup is designed to keep you constantly influenced to upgrade your team though purchases while giving only slight opportunity to win, therefore defrauding the public.

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