They say they are running a veterans day sale. They had the un65js9500 for $2595.00, everyone else has it for 3999 or there abouts. So I called and was in the process of buying it. Then the guy says "you do not want this model" and say I want the js9500 with the 10 bit panel. He can do that one for 3199.00. I said I would call back and I went to Samsung and they said all their js9500 models are 10 bit. The JS means 10-bit panels. So I called back and they went into "well these are made in china and have 8 bit panels." I got Samsung in on a online chat at the same time, they told me no authorized dealer for their products would be selling an 8 bit model. JS is 10 bit. It turns out they are not an authorized dealer and are buying junk that is not guaranteed by Samsung. This is a company you do not want to go near, they are running scams. I canceled my order before I paid big money for junk.

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