I was a patient with Eastern Dental up until recently. I went to them a year ago in Vineland. They said I needed my fillings replaced. I kept going back they replaced them. One of the molars broke. I went back and told them it broke. It was one they just recently redid the filling on. The office manager came in and said no it wasn't but they'd do a crown but I'd have to pay 5-600 bucks. I don't have it. This year 2 other fillings fell out. It left me in a crap load of pain. I called and I got no answer. I called for a couple days then I switched. I went to a new dentist who said the molars were destroyed. They're just a shell and need to come out. The other molar had a piece of filling it started coming out so I just pulled it out. The new dentist said it doesn't matter it needs a crown anyway but at least it's able to be saved. I wanted to go back to eastern to tell them they wrecked my molars. I figured I'd write a review in hopes to save someone else's teeth.

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