I have a blood clot problem with my legs and I thought the Easy Rest bed would help since the bed elevates my legs a little. So far, it helps, however, I was going to call them because I was supposed to have gotten the second best mattress with the topper on and I'm not sure that I got it because sometimes you can almost feel something is poking your back and I don't think that it sticks as it was supposed to. I was going to measure it and I never did because he said it would have been the same height as my other bed.

Their sales and delivery team were friendly, but when they were done, they had me sign a paper that says everything was okay though I can't really check everything. They should have also put a couple more bolts in the headboard because it's wobbly and they would have had to drill a hole. I didn’t get down there and looked because there's a side on that side on the bed frame, but then on the headboard it looks like they’d have to drill a hole. I don’t know if that’s why they didn’t do it so I have to call Easy Rest and tell them this. I'm not satisfied right now, but I hope they do something about it. If I could sleep on my back all night, it would help me rest more. Overall, Easy Rest is okay, but they need to come back and check things out a little bit if I call them.

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