I like my Easy Rest bed but I feel it's not worth what I paid for. I felt being nicely pressured to buy it. The sales representative was very nice. She's very likeable and very good. She makes you believe you want and need the bed. Their delivery team also did well. They brought it in at night, set it up and was done. The bed is good and I slept through it again. I saved the $550 for it. I mostly use the vibrating of the legs because my legs at times were out.

However, I tried to tell the lady who sold it to me that I don't like paying a little over $1300 a month. Also, the interest I have to pay is outrageous and is compounded daily and she still proceeded to think I must need it worse than I did. I want to have a bed. I would have been satisfied but it costs too much. I entered the sweepstakes because I thought I could win a bed for my son (he was having problems and he needs it). I'm dissatisfied with it and I haven't recommended them to anybody.

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