I'm 95 years old and I didn't really decide on purchasing a bed until I was talked into it. There were four men who called and I thought then there was something fishy about it because they called to commend me for buying one. One of the guys gave me his card and I used his card to send that thank you note to some place but it came back because there was no such address.

Easy Rest is the worst bed that I've got a hold of. I'm not really dissatisfied. It's not the bed's fault so I'm not going to criticize it. The bed is all right. I am disappointed because I've always worked hard and my body is damaged and old and it's harder for me to manage things. I had my two hips replaced, I bought Easy Rest that has a pillow type top mattress and it's so soft. I'm sleeping well on it but it's very difficult to be turning over in a soft bed, so I had to call up the furniture store and tell them to bring me a firm mattress since I've been used to sleeping on a firm mattress.

But this bed is tough and very difficult to make up, and I make my bed up like in the hospital. You can't keep them straight to save your soul like you do in the hospital so I've learned to sleep in the rankles. I don't have any trouble sleeping in it and I put the feet up – foot up and my ankles or foot is swelling, so there are good things and there's bad. If I had a body that was normal, I would probably enjoy it.

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