The people from Easy Rest came to the house and did a demonstration before selling their bed to me. It’s a little bit uncomfortable from what I used to use, but I love the way it tilts up so I can read too. I read every night and watch the late news on television, so I find that very handy. The only thing about the Easy Rest bed is that the mattress is quilted with lines in it. I bought a mattress cover to cover the lines but to no avail. Sometimes when I’m lying on it, it gets irritating. I would suggest getting a smoother mattress if possible.

The Easy Rest sales representatives were good. I just didn’t like the delivery team. There was a driver and a helper, and the helper didn’t do much. I had a curved driveway coming from the street up to my house, and the driver was having a lot of trouble backing the truck up. I had to walk down to them, beat on their door, and ask the helper to get out and help the driver. He was sitting there doing nothing while the driver was sweating like crazy. The Easy Rest bed is a nice-looking bed and it works very good. But I don’t think I would recommend them to a friend. They’re too expensive for the average man.

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