I have been trying to contact ebay about an order, I never received it. I cannot seem to chat with an email representative, why? When I try to contact my seller, the email does not go thru. I ordered the 7pcs Mini DragonBall Z Stars Crystal Ball collection. Ebay will not show this order to me when I am on ebay.com. Can you please look up this order and get back in touch with me. I need to know how I can chat with

a representative to get my order or a refund. It is well over the time the seller said the item would be here. I have ordered many items from on ebay and have never had this kind of a problem. I cannot get anyone to answer me. I am very disappointed in this transaction. Seller said the time would be here between Sep. 29th and Nov. 4th. It is now November the 14th and I have received nothing. I would like to contact the seller or you can and find out if this order is going to be shipped soon or not. If not, I want a refund.

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