I first purchased the Gen2 in 2013. It didn't work properly. It didn't come on or it wouldn't stay on long enough to heat my small den. They admitted a problem with this type which was discontinued and they upgraded me to the classic model. This model still does not work properly. Oh by the way, the first of the new model was a used one. I could tell because it was dusty and scratched. These heaters don't heat even a small room and they continually shut off.

I'm on my third heater and this one would always say it wasn't leveled and the room temperature would always read high even though the room was cold. I emailed them and they told me to unplug the heater and lay it on its side for 45 mins. I had to do this all the time. Last night I smelled smoke in the room where it is located. After inspecting the whole house and coming back into the room it had shut off. I waited until it had cooled off and went to unplug it and I realized the heater had overheated and the plug going into the wall had melted! This heater could have started a fire. It's the weekend and they are closed. I am now afraid to use this outlet and I'm not sure what type of damage it has caused to my outlet!

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