A couple of years ago, I joined eHarmony, and had great experience as their questionnaire/filter system was incredible. I was matched up with great guys of whom 2 I had dated. I ended my membership for reasons unrelated to them. Then early October, 2015, I decided to rejoin them, BUT this time around, not only are their filter system non-existent, but 1 out of every match was fraudulent.

During a three week period, I was matched up with 4 scammers including one that they admitted to as being fraudulent. After the first two fraudulent guys, I contacted them about it and they said "use our online security guidance techniques". I told them that regardless of whether I'm using these supposed guides, the purpose of online dating with eHarmony was their past filters which they are not using anymore. Also, the initial contact with the "matches" could divulge enough for hacking or identity thief.

I told them that I'd give it another 2 weeks, and if I'm matched up with anymore false guys, I'm cancelling and demanding a full refunds (as I paid 6 months in advance). After, this complaint, I was matched up with 3 more scammers including one who said he was from "New York City, IL". So, I made another complaint and demanded a refund. They denied my refund stating that isn't their policy and again told me to use their online security guidelines. I told them that this is unacceptable and obviously the safety of their customers mean nothing. They said I could continue to use the site through the end of my subscription. I said why would I want to use a site that is laying back and allowing these scammers, and reminded them of the guy from "New York City, IL. Stay away from eHarmony!!

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