I had some good experiences and actually met some very, very good people. As it happens, I remain friends with a few but the goal of a long term relationship has remained elusive. While that might say as much about me as the site, I don't think so. Here's why. Regardless of filters, the site requests and you select. I would receive prospects that fell far beyond my specified criteria. But most maddening of all, while on several instances things had been progressing well through their somewhat laborious communication stages, poof. All of the exchanges simply vanished. After investing some serious time and effort, it's more than frustrating. It makes the entire site pointless. You pay (a lot), you compose your profile, you finally get into some meaningful exchanges, and then due to what? Technical glitches? It is all for naught.

And as other reviewers have mentioned, you have no recourse because they don't have an online help desk and they don't have a phone numbers. Just a tiny little hard to find "feedback" tab which, once you do feedback, advises you chances are slim. You will get a reply due to heavy volume. Really? I tried the feedback three times letting them know what happened. No reply. Ever. Don't know if there are better sites out there but can definitively say this one undercuts the very purpose it claims to serve. Shame on them.

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