I'd like to leave feedback about the store in Lafayette, CO. It's a bit if a story, so here I go!

First time I was there it was great. Awesome service, friendly staff, yummy bagels.

The second time I used the drive thru. I waited 15 mins before I got my order. I thought, ok, they are very busy, this couldn't possibly happen again. (No apologies from staff).

Third time, I used the drive thru and waited 15 mins again. This time I mentioned it to the manage. He apologized then made excuses about how they don't have a lot of staff and are trying to hire more employees but are not having any luck. Sorta felt like he didn't really care. No compensation to save having my business.

Fourth time (went inside), bagels and service was fine, but there were flies hanging out by the asiago bagels.

Fifth time – ordered 3 bagels and got 2. However, the girl waiting on me was VERY nice and helpful. She went out of her way to help me. When I mentioned it to the manager (same as before) he looked at me and said ' Yeah she is very good' and walked away like I didn't say anything. I am hoping he mentioned something to her. She was working her butt off!

Today! Like a glutton for punishment I decided to use the drive thru again. With luck no one was in line! I placed my order, pulled forward, paid, then waited again another time that seemed like eternity. The guy behind me tapped his card on his door impatiently. I put my hand to my head as to motion 'Good Grief!'. The window opened and I was told that my order was taking longer than usual and to pull around to the front. I waited a few more mins and my order came out. I mentioned to the very friendly and nice girl that I only received 2 out of 3 bagels last time. She apologized, but again no attempts to save my business. When I got home my whole order was wrong!!!

I know I've written a book here, but I wanted you to know the level of detail about the inefficient customer service at this store.

I keep going back to this store because I love their bagels.

Unfortunately, that was the last time. Please, please, please, get this store some help! They have potential!



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