I purchased an Electrolux Refrigerator – one of the French door models with the freezer on the bottom. They replaced the ice maker the first time it broke – within 1 yr of purchase so it was under warranty. The ice maker broke again about a yr later and they refused to replace it, saying that the refrigerator's warranty expired. I suggested that the warranty on that part should have been extended since it broke twice and they told me that they wouldn't do that.

I called back today after receiving a notice that they have a class action settlement pending for this exact issue and they told me the best they could do is charge me $800 dollars for an extended warranty or give me 50% off the part – which appears to be the same defective one they installed before. They won't even tell me what the part costs without sending a tech out to the house to diagnose it – I would think that they would know which part needs to be replaced if they are settling out of court on the issue. Don't buy Elextrolux. They don't care about their customers or their products.

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