I bought a new Macbook Pro in August 2014. Started having problems August 2015. Took it back to the store in Cleveland TN. They had me call the warranty company myself. They were no help at all. The warranty company had me send my computer to them. Three weeks later received my computer back. Everything in my computer, including factory settings were deleted and could no even boot up computer. Call Mac support, they could not get computer to turn on. They suggested I take the computer to Mac authority in Chattanooga. The salesman at Mac worked for over an hour and could not get computer to turn on. He removed the back cover and said my logic board had been replaced with a not Mac produce. He said that my computer was a 2010 model that it was sold as a new unopened computer in 2014.

Called warranty company, they sent me another box to resend my computer back. Computer is trashed, they are going to replace in with a store credit from original store. Cannot get corporates to return my call to get a com number to get store credit. Four more weeks later still no computer. I would highly recommend that no one buy anything from Electronic Express, or use their extended warranty company. I run a small business and eight weeks without a computer has been very stressful and inconvenient to say the least.

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