This is a warning to not book Khanysani Holiday House or you are not safe at Khanysani Holiday House.
we booked the house for eater weekend from the 25-28 march 2016. the first day we arrived all was in order. on sunday am one of the guys woke up to the house been broken into and a man still in the house which told him to keep quiet. the care taker said he heard some banging and thought it was us, i said the owner said no noise to be on the property why didnt you come and have a look and see what was going on. wen never heard a thing. was like they burnt something that made us all sleep. we had locked the garage door but when this had happened we found the garage door was open. we didnt even hear the banging, valuable stuff was stolen to the amount of R69 000. we pressed the panic buton and chubb had arrived on hour later. i called the 72 year old lady which said to me lucky we are all safe. i said that is not the point. alot of stuff has been stolen out of the house. she just sounded unconcerned about us.i asked her if she has any insurance and she said no. i said how do you own property with no insurance. the police arrived almost 2 hours later. the care taker left us on the property with a broken door. later on that day we decided to walk around the house to find 3 sensors covered with masking tape. we pressed the panic button just to see how long chubb will take to arrive and because they new that there is a risk they responded. i showed the guy the when i called the lady and asked her she said she doenst know about that but the care taker said he knew the one in the bottom room but not the one that faces where the house was broken into. this was too cool. chubb advised us that they have to send a technical person to see why the sensors where covered. we couldnt stay there so we left the sunday evening. monday Emily the owner of the property sent me a message to ask us if the keys where handed over because the alarm was not armed i said yes on the sunday, so that means the care taker did not arm the house.

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