First, I was told by the sales guy that the carpet installation would only take one day and they would have it done in just a few hours (two bedrooms and stairs for a town home). The installation took over 6 hours (guest room and stairs) and there was a shortage in carpet (master bedroom left incomplete). I called and talked to customer service and they were no help – basically said that someone would have to be home again the next day to complete the installation. I explained that I was on a timeline to get this complete in order to put my home on the market to sell and was guaranteed completion in one day.

The customer service representative was rude. Then I asked to speak to someone else and she took down my number for her manager to call me, and the individual never did. I asked about a discount since there was a shortage brought to my home and now I would have to take two days off from work, and was told I could be credited $50. With an order for almost $2500, I was expecting better service than that. PLEASE, PLEASE do not use them. Call Lowe's or Home Depot – Worst customer service and installation process.

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