I had a Laminate floor and a carpeted floor scheduled to be installed, took two days off work to accomplish this. The first day went ok, received my confirmation at 0730 and installer showed up on time, laminate got installed. Second day was not good, no confirmation call. I called customer service at 0930, told me the whole crew had the flu, (funny because I did the exact size room 2 months ago with Lowe's and one installer showed up and did it by himself, excellent work!) Customer care called me back at 10:20 to tell me nobody was available to install. I stated that was un-acceptable.

They told me to give them 30 minutes and they would try to get someone. I had to call them back at 2:40 in the afternoon to find out what was up. They said next open spot for installation was the next Wednesday, really! That's 5 days away and I don't have anymore vacation days. I was going to have my whole upstairs done after this but now am thinking I may go back to Lowe's. When you make an appointment with someone, keep it or don't make it and confirm it than back out at the last minute.

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