I had a pretty good experience with the salesperson and we negotiated a fair price (I thought). They give you 3 days to cancel but I found it difficult to get another estimate in that time. Floors were to be installed on Monday morning so I took off work and got a call that morning that they didn't have everything to start so we scheduled the next morning. Upon their arrival I was told they couldn't complete the job in one day so I took off from work the next day. I had to leave at 3:00 that day and the floors were completed but they had to come back to caulk the trim. The floors look great and I'm happy with the outcome. I feel like I overpaid because I eventually got a quote of almost half. The company refers out for installation which they didn't tell me upfront. Basically the salesperson has no idea how long it will take so wait until you talk to the installers. Definitely should have waited for the lower estimate!

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