I just got off the phone with your customer service reps for the 3rd day in a row. This time they hung up on me. That was an even more unpleasant change.installation on my new condo was supposed to begin last week. But oh there "Might" be a problem with having old asbestos tiles under the carpet. Do you know what the installers for your company did? They left with the promise that I would get a phone call that day to let me know what to do. But alas that phone call never happened. So, I had the tack strips they were unsure about removing done. The carpet is gone and so is the padding, tack strips, and baseboards. Do you think maybe the floors I have already been charged for could possibly be installed? Guess not.

The installation manager has apparently refused to call me back since last Thursday. Yesterday the information was given to the regional manager. And guess what? Even with your promises of amazing customer service he has decided not to call me back as well. I called today to get some resolution to this problem and was hung up on when I explained that simply leaving more messages for people to call me back was unacceptable. Your company is now not only holding my floors hostage but my life as well. A person cannot move into a condo if there are no floors. So Empire Today, how can you have a great rating with the BBB if this is the treatment your customers receive?

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