Run from this company unless you like long delays and lots of excuses. The salesperson was on time and knowledgeable. Told us based on our sq footage, the install should be one long day or a day and a half. We are on our 4th day and there is no way it will be finished today. I predict two more days and pray that is all.installer did not arrive until 12:30 on 1st day. Story was he had to drive from Columbus to Dayton to pick up materials. (1.5 hr drive on way) Truck was late from Chicago and he had to wait for materials. (This was supposed to be a stocked item. Didn't tell us it was stocked in CHICAGO!)

This morning (Fri) he had to drive back to Dayton to pick up luan and his paycheck and would be at our house at 10. We started making calls at 11:00 and he finally showed up at noon. I spoke with a "lady" in Customer Service and told her the story and her response "what do you want me to do about it"? I could go on, but I work for a living and have to get back to it.: (

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