Two years ago my boyfriend had the carpet replaced in the hall and in our bedroom. Two weeks after the carpet was installed, we had to have them come back in and fix the carpet in the hallway. It was already starting to fray. About a year after they installed the carpet, my boyfriend and I noticed a couple places in our bedroom where the carpet was starting to rise. About 6 months ago he placed a call with Empire to come back and they said they were going to charge us $90 and we had to move our own furniture. My boyfriend tried to get this waived, as obviously they didn't pull it tight enough in the first place.

After months of arguing, we finally had them come to fix it last night. The price went from $90.00 to $100.00 and the 4 men who came to the house to fix it admitted that it was the quality of the work when it was first installed that caused the carpet to ripple. So, not only did we pay them to do a bad job, we had to pay additionally for them to fix the job they didn't do properly in the first place. Very disappointed. And it's too bad because there is another carpet in our house that needs to be replaced, but we will NEVER use Empire again, after this terrible service!!!

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