We will be adding to a negative experience with Empire Today. When we decided to change our carpet for hardwood floors my husband contacted Empire to get a general estimate on how much it will cost us. At this point we were not set on this specific company but only trying to see where we are. Salesman Michael visited our home and showed to my husband few samples. When I got home I specifically stated I am set on OAK floors and wide planks. That was my choice. Mike eagerly ran to his car and brought several other samples that he stated were oak. One of the samples had 5 inch wide planks which I didn't like, the other new items that just came out was a mixed set of planks with 7 inch, 5 inch and 3 inch that provided more contemporary look. I liked that sample but noticed the name was – Forest Lodge elm. I pointed it out to Mike asking what wood is it since it says Elm. He reassured me multiple times that this is OAK.

We opted to think about it and he left to only start to bombard my husband with calls. Price was reasonable for OAK and our square footage. We decided to go ahead and start the job. The crew came on time. We knew it has to take 2 days to complete the job. Our whole family including two small children resorted to upstairs due to the dust. Next morning while waiting for the crew to come back to finish the job, I noticed boxes from the wood in the corner that specifically stated – SPECIES: ELM. So it wasn't just the name of the sample, it was ELM, not an oak. I contacted Mike to get answers on what is going on and why he sold to us something that is NOT OAK. He texted to me "I never told you it's an oak floor." After lengthy arguments and him being extremely rude he just said "I didn't have something that you wanted." I asked him "so that is why you lied to us? You came to our house, looked straight into my eyes and lied to me?!!"

Then he started threatening me. If you don't have what we want just say so and leave our house, pretty simple! There are plenty of companies who have and can install what we were looking for. I didn't get the floors I wanted and wasted money and hopes. For the money WE PAID we should not be threatened, yelled at, lied to! Hundreds of complaints regarding this company are TRUE. Please look somewhere else and don't repeat our mistake or many others that posted here. If you still decide to go ahead with them – don't allow salesman Michael into your house. This is not the person you want to make a deal with and you will be hurt at the end. I will be reporting him to their corporate office. The only positive here – the crew was great and I wish we would hire them independently to install normal OAK floors from another retailer.

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