Worse ripoff company for "saving" energy! They promise sooo many great benefits about changing energy/gas providers to them but eventually they get you and they get you hard!!! DO NOT, sign up with them. Stay with the common providers like JCP&L and New Jersey natural gas. Their rates are not the best but they stay the same and don't hit you with hundreds of dollar bills. I changed to them because they promise that they have the best lower rates than anyone else, and if they change, it will be only a very insignificant amount.

Well, their "insignificant" little amount went to more than triple my bill. For example, where I could have get a bill from NJ Natural Gas or JCP&L for $100. I would get a bill from them to up to $500. My budget went up from $130 a month to $238 a month. Unfortunately, many consumers do not realized this and they just pay their monthly bill without even noticing the differences. Do not sign up with them.

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