I've only been in my apartment for four days, and I've been calling entergy for all four days. For some unknown reason my apartment is the only one who's lights keep clicking off for 30 minutes / sometimes hours to click back on. Yes they did come out once maybe twice that I know of and say they found nothing wrong. Lights are still doing the same things. So I called the apartment maintenance and they check on their end and said that nothing is wrong. Now I'm up at 2:35 am writing this review because I called entergy back and they said they will not respond to this work order! I have my 3 month old baby here with me. Who eats around this time. So I'm very pissed because I don't believe that entergy has check on their end properly. I dnt think you can look or check what could be wrong in five minutes! I really hope that this is not effecting my bill. Somebody need to let me know something.

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