Although the terms and conditions are clear and all post received from Enterprise is charged to the customer £35 it is an outrage that companies can take money from your account and cheekishly hide behind terms and conditions with no empathy. We paid to go through the Dartford tunnel a little late and as a consequence they sent 3 letters to Enterprise other the last 3 weeks requesting payment (although it had been paid before the first letter even came through).in total we were charged £105 by Enterprise for forwarding the letters by post. We explained that the fee had been paid and that we couldn't stop the Dartford tunnel from sending them letters but Enterprise was clear, they apparently make no profit on the £35 and must take it directly from your bank account.

We had a really good experience with Enterprise up until now but the content with which we were spoken to and the over charging for letters we were not entirely responsible for is total the posting of 3 letters cost us more than renting the car for 2 days. We rent a car with them at least 6 times a year but we have now decided that buying a car will be a better experience than dealing with a strict minimum service for an over the top fee and a thoughtless customer care.

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