Before I signed for the loaner I recorded the car VERY carefully. The sales woman from Enterprise was with me during this. I pointed to all dents and scratches on the car. The sales person also said and held up a diagram of the size of a dent that is allowed on the car without me being held liable. I returned the car. When the sales woman came back from examining the car she said I dented the rear bumper. I said it was there. She was about to write a complaint up about it. I told her that I had to go home and get my camera. Of course I forgot it.

When I got back and showed them that it was there BEFORE I took the car they looked at the shot and said "I don't see it." WTF??? I took her outside pointed to it and showed her on my camera the exact place that my finger was pointing to it. Then she said, "Oh sorry about that." If I did not record this I would be in court soon. They tried this with my friend and she had photos to show them. I am going to make a complaint to the FTC tomorrow. This company is a scam. If you rent make sure to record AND place your finger on ALL dents and scratches. Also, the dent on the back bumper was about 1 in. Round. The sales woman showed and said on my camera that dents are about the size of the bottom of a coffee cup. I mentioned this to them and they said: "Bumpers are different." I will NEVER rent from them during my travels.

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