Enterprise was my go to in Venice Fl for years, Nov 2015 called to be picked up to get a car, They said i was now out of district and no pickup. After 5 years no phone call with a reservation! Stranded with no way to get to the office the fight was on. Changing policy on the fly no way. On hold for 10 mins. Hearing the ad they will pick you up and go the extra mile stocked the fire. Back again and Ashley said she did have a driver picking up a car one town over and would TRY and get him to get me. If not the beet they could do was sometime after noon time now 7:30 AM. Let her know missing was our flight because of them was out of the question… She did get the driver bringing a car back to their venice location to pick me up. Arriving 1.5 hours after my pick up time they said I had to pay a $30.00 drop fee that doubled the price of the car. Five years and never a drop charge. Tpld them yes to the car and I would fight the charge. Pre Pay gas please ok no problem. Got the car and only 43 mILES to MT O POOP. THANK GOODNESS I never left the parking lot. Got a mini van with gas and was on my way

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