Hi my name is Bez and I had really horrible experience dealing with Enterprise company, I had an accident with my own car and my insurance company provide me a hire car by Enterprise. They brought me a Vauxhall Corsa, 2015 plate, looks alright. I used this car only 2 times during 8 days I had. I am sort of person not really work and get used to things not belong to me so I parked the car in front of my home, not really touched it.

But as I needed to use this car going to work, very last day when I had the car, took it to work, parked it in the car park. As I am a security officer I cannot take my personal items such as wallet and IDs with me to work. I left the wallet inside of gloves box, SatNav, also sunglasses. I have proof of CCTV on the car park. When I parked the car, I came out of car and pressed remote control to lock the car 2-3 times and I thought it is locked but as their car was faulty, it did not locked. And someone after I went to the building went to the car and took everything in my car easily and all it was because the car was faulty and you do trust to this company to hire the car.

Day after I took it to the dealership and get the locking system checked, they confirmed the locking system been faulty. I contact to Enterprise people, they did not take not so ever any responsibility about this as they said you been responsible not we. I have lot of things in my wallet plus large amount of cash. And it is absolutely disgusting, trusting these people to have cars from them. They provide people faulty cars, could be a mechanical problem and affect your life. But as they have got lots of lawyer, we cannot fight them.

They are absolutely untreatable company, DO NOT hire or deal with them, never. Anything goes wrong against you they will say: “When we gave the car to you, you signed the paperwork and it was fine.” But when you get the car in a min you cannot check whole car as you never drive the car or you never noticed nothing about that car, but they know their car are faulty but they DO NOT care. Please DO NOT deal with them.

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