I called the Nashville, TN. Location located in the airport. I was flying in the next day and had made a reservation under my rewards account with them. After the fact I remembered their terrible credit card policy. So I decided to call and explain that I was travelling and left my credit card at home for fear of losing it. I should mention I was on a corporate trip and so everything had been expended through my company so I didn't need my card. I let them know I was a member and had rented several times in the past. I was asking that they allow me to use my debit card for the rental (and was fine with a deposit). I was told I needed to have either a utility bill (because I always carry that in my luggage), or a return flight… But I live in Nashville. So I let them know I had a credit card that I had used in the past and offered to confirm the information or whatever I needed to do to make this happen.

I was met with complete resistance by the first person I spoke with. I asked for a manager and spoke to Trey (not sure on spelling). He told me he would get this to an area manager to explain my specific need, which was literally pick up at 8 pm and drop off before noon the next day at my neighborhood location. They called about an hour or two later and just said policy is policy nothing they could do. Not only will my reservation sit unclaimed I don't plan on doing business with them in the future and do plan on sharing this with our corporate travel team and social media outlets. I understand having a policy in place to protect your fleet. However when a policy gets in the way of a member's desire to spend some money and gain the convenience you offer then it's a poor policy. I apologize for format, spelling, and grammar errors as this was done on my mobile device.

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