I recently needed to rent a vehicle, at the time of the rental a $50 deposit was required. I used my debit card and they about cleared the bank immediately. I was also told I would be required to pay daily tax for the time I had the vehicle since the insurance company did not cover taxes. I returned the car and was charged $10.92 for the tax and told I would receive a refund for the $50.

I should have received that refund on the day I returned the car, the same way you took my money on the day I rented it. Your accounting practices are a bit off. When will I receive my refund it should be quite simple and I should not have to wait for something that is due to me and I certainly should not have been charged the additional $10.92 when you had my $50. This is not about the money it's about the integrity and the blah blah your sales force dishes. You fail to inform your customers of your delayed refunds.

I have already seen numerous complaints about your company and I will be one more.in addition I will inform my insurance company of your practices and social will be enlighten as well. I will contact my bank today and dispute the transaction.

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