My car had a squeeze on a post. I was told by my insurance company to go to Enterprise because they have an account there. The lady driver who picked me up was a bit unfriendly to say the least. I got to the office at Summer St, Stamford, CT. I was just chucked into a vehicle with no questions as to preference in size, model or colour. I was advised that I need to make a $50 deposit to be refunded upon returning the vehicle. When we got outside, the lady driver began to tell me that she is offering me insurance for the car at a single $100 payment. I asked her multiple times, are you saying that only $100 will leave my account and cover any damage to the car? She said "yes". Upon checking my account balance I saw that more money was taken. I called Enterprise and spoke with the manager at Summer St. She was very rude and very impolitely unhelpful.

I emailed and called the area manager whose last name is. She came on the phone like an angry bully with attitude because I should not be complaining that they lied to me and stole from me. With her cheeky self, she offered me $80 of my money. Upon telling her am going to Facebook and Consumer Affairs, she told me she will not be giving me any refund. I was not refunded the $50 deposit as told and they took over $200 from my account which I would not have known about unless I had checked my account.

Am certain that they have done this to countless people who do not have a clue. This is daylight robbery and something has to be done. Admitted to me that Enterprise SHOULD have called to forewarn me about additional monies being taken from my account as well as the fact that I was NEVER told that the insurance was daily and NOT $100 for the duration of the rental as I was deceived to believe. All that these unprofessional people do is to irate customers and drive us away. They have no concept of customer relations. Customer service 101 is to first humbly and sincerely apologise. You do not irate customers. We should start a class action against them. They were ordered to repay up to $2 million in insurance prior. They should be forced to do so again.

What they are doing is wrong. I drive long distances on dark roads late nights because of my job. What if that was all the money I had, went to get petrol at 1am after work not knowing they had taken it? They would have left me in a dangerous situation. What if I was driving late with a child or had an emergency and low on petrol? They do not have a heart and neither will I when it comes to them. They MUST be stopped! Neither or Lisa at Summer St. Have what it takes to get and keep customers. They have typed over the order number on the form so it is not readable. Stupid.

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